On commentary on the Irish General Election

Watching some of my “friends” talk about the Irish General Election count tonight on Twitter (while it was up) has made me laugh and cry all at once.

You’ve had the usual “will be PM with 35% of the vote” not to mention “The two major parties are both Conservative”. As if “conservative” was a globally defined type of politics. Continue reading


I’m going bald for Leukaemia. Why and why you should donate

Self-centred as I am (hey so are most of you – it isn’t a bad thing most of the time) I sometimes do off the cuff things to show I have a heart buried inside. Somewhere. Continue reading

Being Human, I’ll leave immutability to the rocks

I’m not a big fan of planning in my daily life, to the chagrin of some of those I share my life with. This leads me to make what often appear to be impulsive decisions, so believe me when I tell you that the best ones are often stressing me out for weeks or even months at a time before I finally act.

Joining Twitter three years ago today Continue reading

Apple: Creating Opportunity for Growth in a dying Market

Publishers are also free to make their subscriptions available outside of their apps, say, via their own Websites and to existing subscribers of a print edition. If customers sign up that way, publishers get to keep 100 percent of their subscription fees

It’s funny how the item above appears to be conveniently ignored in articles which use the buzzword “Anti-Trust” and related linkbait terms

Decide Fast and understand sooner

A little over a week ago I decided to give up twitter for a while in order to see if I could reduce my addiction. Perhaps I was being overly optimistic about attempting to stay away for a month. But because I felt I had an addiction which was in some ways getting out of hand to the detriment of other parts of my life, I thought it worthy of some effort. Continue reading