Making Decisions

For some time I’ve been mulling over my addiction to twitter and the impact that may or may not be having on my personal and professional life. Often I’ve considered shutting down for periods or restricting my use during the day while at work. At no time did I ever come close to actually shutting down my account temporarily or even permanently.

While I watched Brene Brown talk about vulnerability in this TED Clip

which I discovered at Lyrian Fleming’s excellent blog as she discussed February Fast, I considered if I could join in to that initiative.

But I feel the reasons for giving things up, even temporarily, should be solely because you think you might be doing something to excess. And I don’t think I ever drink to excess – though others may disagree. So I thought back to my childhood and how we used to give up sweets for lent, and the fact that while I never felt like I had enough sweets, that wasn’t entirely the point.

Today is St. Bridgets Day in Ireland, the first day of spring. While I bake in the dry stupor of the southern hemisphere’s extended summer watching Queensland prepare itself for another rain-sodden cyclone to arrive I pray for a change. But if the change won’t come from the sky, I’ll try some from within. Spring is the time of renewal, and while it isn’t spring here, still I feel the need for something different.

So twitter came to mind. And while I run a number of twitter accounts, there is one which occupies far too much of my waking hours. And there are potentially a number of detriments to that. So I want to find out what that looks like. And if I decide to do something, there is no time like the present, otherwise I will end up doing it half heartedly sometime in the future, and that never works.

If you’ve read this from my twitter feed, I enjoy our conversations, so feel free to comment on my posts here. I intend to focus my energy on them. Who knows, I may not have the strength to stay away for a month. But if I’m going to choose a month to stay away, it might as well be the shortest month.

Note: Posts from this blog and other links I share will still appear, but I’ll be staying away from my feed directly!


10 thoughts on “Making Decisions

  1. I shall miss your esoteric comments from my late night Twitter feed. Enjoy your time away. O hope to see you back in a month.

  2. Good luck with it matey. I have also been wondering about how I use twitter, but not sure I would make the move to step back from it. More likely to step forward into a different direction.

    Still ready to catch up for a beer any time 🙂


    • James, Beer is never a distraction 😉 It’s the best conversation creator I know.
      Stephen, “esoteric”? I’m flattered (I think) you consider my 140 characters as such. Hope you visit here to try and help me manage my esotericism here!

  3. Kim, It’ll give me time to work harder and focus more on the “long form” which was the object of creating this site about a year ago. I’ve plateaued in posts and visits, so time to work harder to step up to the next level. Twitter is great, as much for the conversation and giving me ideas to blog about, but I’ve realised as a person who easily gets distracted I need to better manage those distractions in order to focus on a few other important things.

  4. I pretty much had the whole of January away from social media.

    I watched the stream occasionally, I wrote a blog post or two, but made a conscious effort to limit my online activities.

    It’s given me the perspective to review and evaluate where I place my energies. To look at what is important and why. Maybe it’s just the time of year, or maybe it’s part of something more profound. I have no answers, but do feel that it is part of “The Way”.

    • I drop in and out, if you see a post from me which hasn’t come from a blogpost or sharing something interesting, it was either an accident or I got drunk.
      DM me and I’ll share my alterego 😉

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