Getting it right first time with Android Tablets

AllthingsD are reporting return rates of over 15% for the Samsung Galaxy S today on a day where Horace Dediou makes a very good point about the Open source nature of the Android ecosystem and the challenges that presents to the theoretical owner of the platform.

He reminds us that because they have open sourced Android and made it freely available, Google have no control over the usage of the software. While this gives OEMs huge benefits in the go to market space, it does also create situations where the OEM’s can make some seriously poor decisions with regard to how the platform should be used in order to “compete” in the market in the short term.

Google must be hoping the Android brand isn’t damaged in the longer term if the OEM’s continue to use Android 2.x for tablets. While the evidence isn’t there either way to date, ongoing large return rates would likely push people toward other platforms.

As we know getting it right the first time is extremely important in the technology market and especially with tablets at this time. Google must be hoping Motorola get it right with the XOOM, otherwise you have to wonder if there will be a growth of negative sentiment around the platform which might make growth slower than otherwise expected.


3 thoughts on “Getting it right first time with Android Tablets

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  2. I suspect that a similar thing will occur with tablets as has happened with smart phones. Most people couldn’t care less about the operating system as such. Loyalty will develop around the brands themselves. If the Xoom is good, the ordinary person will talk about the Xoom the same way they talk about the iPad: in reference to the user experience and the mnufacturer, not the operating system.

    People will tend to buy on price and reputation. It tends to be only geeks and platform zealots who care about what’s running under the hood.

    Android provides a very good opportunity for a smart manufacturer to spend some time developing a line of models in portable computing devices with a unified user experience and some in-house apps tailored to their specific hardware choices. In other words Android allows other companies to out-Apple Apple.

    If only other companies had even half a clue as o what people actually want to do with their products.

    I suspect I’ve drifted off topic there a little. Sorry about that.

    • No, Shane very good points. If the Xoom turns out to be a great product, it could turn out to be a boon for Motorola in the entire space. But I would say there is a lot riding on these upcoming Android Tablets. A lot of these tech companies have bet the farm on playing catch up on the iPad – a type of device they claimed not to believe in a year ago remember. If the Xoom and others don’t take off quickly, the iPad 2 is around the corner, with the trajectory that will bring.

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