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Today is Safer Internet Day in Australia

And while the message this year is about Safe Social Networking for Children, there are still a large number of Social Engineering Threats which exist in traditional forms of communication.

Today, in Gmail I received the following email

Now this one has been going around for aeons, I do believe it stared off claiming to be from some US Army officer in Iraq, so I was rather surprised that Gmail allowed it to appear in my Inbox in the first place. If there is one thing which Google do really really well it is the spam prevention in Gmail. But at least they flagged it as being potentially dodgy, even if I believe that blue bar should be in bright red with flashing yellow warning icons.

These sorts of Social Engineered pieces of Malware only continue to be sent if the recipients continue to respond. And while focusing on the security of social networking on Safer Internet Day is worthwhile, it’s important to remember that Phishing scams exist everywhere and you should always ask yourself first:

Do I trust the person who sent me this?

before clicking through or calling anyone.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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