Nokia leaves the ranks of the risk averse

I tonight wonder about a few trifling business decisions made this week in Egypt and by Nokia in the light of my recent “decision” to get off twitter (like that lasted – hah!).

And while Mubarak being deposed as the Egyptian leader and Microsoft saying to Nokia: “all your base are belong to us” appear to be big bids for the future on face value, digging deeper only Nokia have taken the risk.

Egypt remains under the control of the army, just has it has been for the best part of 60 years, despite the Western Media’s predilection for figureheads when describing “the muslim world” and other countries “over there”.

In many ways Nokia’s decision has reminded me of that morning we sat in the “Mezz” in Apple Factory in Cork in 1997 and watched “evil” Bill Gates join Steve Jobs to talk about shipping Internet Explorer on all Macs and continuing to develop Office for Mac in exchange for US$150m.

The world’s business and Tech Media headlined it for many years “The Day Microsoft saved Apple”.

Nokia have addressed the underlying fear of vulnerability about their business. They may stand, they may fall, but no-one can say they haven’t tried.

They’ll be hoping the Headlines, Share Price and employee reactions of these past few days are as implicative to their prospects as the one-dimensional view in 1997 was about Apple’s future.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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