A Mantra for Scott Morrison

Yesterday I did my Australian Citizenship test, and even though I was pretty certain I would excel, I was still pretty proud of my result. There was even gloating.

I spent some time consulting the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond book the night before my test just to make sure there wasn’t one dodgy question which would trip me up. Today I was reminded of it, because I and others such as those who perished so tragically at Christmas Island recently are specifically referred to in it:

For those who’ve come across the seas
We’ve boundless plains to share

While I was studying I wrote (sic):

Little did I know the elected representative referred to in my tweet would, less than 48 hours later, use the cost of getting families to the funerals of the victims of that tragedy to exceed his previous efforts at base political opportunism.

I do hope Scott Morrison and those who share his odious sentiments take the time to read the Resource book and consider the words of the National Anthem. It might remind them of what it means to be Australian. I believe it’s written in simple enough language for even for neolithic trolls to understand.

I’m unsure what the term is when people repeat a mantra over and over again in order to contextualise something challenging to them. The mental equivalent of blowing into a paper bag, perhaps. I hope you forgive me while I blow into my paper bag tonight. Join in if you like.

Scott Morrison, Gary Humphries and Fiona Nash do not represent the majority of people in this country
Scott Morrison, Gary Humphries and Fiona Nash do not represent the majority of people in this country

repeat ad infinitum.


4 thoughts on “A Mantra for Scott Morrison

  1. Word. Not The Gospel, which St Malcolm of Wentworth would tweet & hide behind. I have no words for these people. I just do not. Not even the greatest swear of all time accurately reflects just how sad they make me feel for the country of my birth.

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