Being Human, I’ll leave immutability to the rocks

I’m not a big fan of planning in my daily life, to the chagrin of some of those I share my life with. This leads me to make what often appear to be impulsive decisions, so believe me when I tell you that the best ones are often stressing me out for weeks or even months at a time before I finally act.

Joining Twitter three years ago today was one of those. I sat on it as something I couldn’t figure out for the best part of 6 months and once I did it was all systems go.

The first six months were rather quiet, relatively

This may surprise some of you, but yes I used to be one of you: a tweetdeck user. Trying out all the fancy new Social Media services which appeared to be popping up in those heady months of 2008.

Services which possibly still exist and some of which I still use.

Back before there were Journalists, and certainly before most people had a bloody Jeebus Phone. Before animated avatars, and a LONG TIME before #fixreplies and stupid #newtwitter.

Three years ago I was looking for a new job and getting made redundant all at the same time, so change was most certainly in the air.

Three years on, 7 weeks into a new year, I’ve already temporarily quit twitter, seen Queensland twice devastated by floods and cyclones, revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East and devastating earthquakes in Christchurch. Change, even unwelcome change, feels normal again.

And yet I resist change. Just like we humans always do. But when I listen to Tim Wu talk about the entire 20th Century being the antithesis to immutability, Mike Monteiro tell us the limits he set on the size of his business and I have frustrating encounters with those who continue to practice a level of risk aversion which would make an insurance assessor seem like Umair Haque, that barrier breaks down and I finally act.

It’s time for a new challenge. One where I can see, daily, the opportunity. Not be in fear of encountering roadblocks.

What have you got for me?


2 thoughts on “Being Human, I’ll leave immutability to the rocks

  1. Whatever challenge you take, there will always be roadblocks. You never know what will or might happen and that’s what makes it so exciting. If the new challenge was all smooth sailing you would get bored of it pretty quickly.

    So take of your floaties and jump into something that you are passionate about! The rest you will sort out on the way. yI know what it feels like 😉

    • Ariane, looks like things are coming on. Nice to see your blog is doing so well. I take pride in helping you start that, can’t wait to see your great success in coming years

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