Richard Stallman uses “Stalinist” Cellphone for interview

Network World tell us Free Software Foundation Hippy, Richard Stallman considers a Cellphone (that’s a mobile to much of the rest of the English speaking world) to be a plot of a stalinist nature because it’s a

tracking device that records where I go all the time…a surveillance device that can be turned on to eavesdrop

I mean kudos to the guy for proving that a career can exist using a Lemote Yeeloong running gNewSense, whatever they are, but the rest of us choose to live life where we believe that sometimes in order to be comfortable and happy, we make some trades, some compromises. Like ensuring our kids have food and stuff.

According to the article though, it appears Richard is having to learn about compromises:

Ironically enough, Stallman was speaking to me on a cell phone

Maybe the dropouts referred to in the article were him ensuring the tracking devices weren’t able to narrow down where he was. Though I imagine the “supporters” of his European Speaking Tour might help the bad guys with that.

Not to mention all the Immigration and Customs he had to go through to get there in the first place.

Compromises. They’re everywhere Richard, or maybe you made sure the sponsors of the Tour only used “free” software before you took their coin?


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