Rio Ferdinand: bad losers are always worse than ungracious winners

When Manchester City striker Balotelli allegedly taunted the losers after yesterday’s FA Cup Semi Final perhaps that was unsporting. But the petty reaction of highly rewarded players like Anderson and Ferdinand was nonsensical.

Of course I agree players should go hard during the game, enjoy the rewards when they win, be gracious to the losers and walk away. But, if like me you experienced the snarling embodiment of disappointment that was Rio Ferdinand yesterday, it’s clear that the losers have a role to play in that.

As Ferdinand attempted to deflect from his own teams failings by crashing the celebrations of the winners, he reminded us how much worse a bad loser looks in comparison to any gloating by a winner. Losing means walking away, maintaining the rage and driving improvements to yourself and your team the next time around.

Ferdinand and his team failed at their own game today. Their job is to come back on Tuesday at Newcastle, like Manchester City did following their heavy defeat against Liverpool last week, and win again.

Update: It’s not as if this is new


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