Your bleeding hearts on the floor of the abattoir

I didn’t watch Four Corners tonight. I don’t need to. What the global processed Animal Flesh industry does is something which I long ago gave up hope on.

As a teenager I didn’t need to see both at close hand or on the television more than a couple of times the absolute lack of care which pervades not just the industry, but also in many of the consumers of it’s “products”, to decide I wanted no part of it to pass my lips ever again.

Four Corners is a Australian ABC Television program, and on the 30th May 2011 it dealt with the reality of the “live export” of cattle to Indonesia. Looking at my twitter stream during the show, I noted with some (black) humour the reaction of the majority to the apparent content of the show.

While it was nice to see so many care about the “welfare” of the animals, I wondered out loud at the majority of the concerns being about “how they were to be killed” and if it were “humane enough”*. I’m sure the animals would be delighted to know y’all were more concerned about how they were treated as they were being slaughtered than the fact they were about to cease to exist.

Despite my dietary decisions, I’m rational enough to understand I live in a society where it is the norm to consume the flesh of other animals. However, and this despite the reactions during the Four Corners episode, the lack of care or consideration, in the most part, by meat-eaters about where said flesh comes from and how it is “processed” for their own delectation continues to bewilder me.

The turning of the consumption of food into a factory centric activity appears to me at it’s worst when the production of animals is part of the equation. It’s clear in the 21st century the constant demand for cheaper, more widely available, foodstuffs makes it nigh impossible for you to track the meat which fills your stomach from the cradle to the grave. Or from the Artificial Insemination Machine to your plate as it were.

However, there’s nothing to stop you trying. And once you do that, you might even discover this includes helping reduce the evils inherent in the transportation of animals. Whether that is “live export” to Indonesia or the unfed and unwatered 10 hour journey that many five day old Baby Calves enjoy when going to slaughter right here in Australia. Just so you can enjoy your “veal”.

Back to Post *Needless to say, I’ll ignore the bigotry which often creeps into these conversations when “halal” approved butchery is being discussed.


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