Parenting tips in the Kings Speech

One of my constant struggles is picking the best way to convince my small children to do something differently.

Much as I’d like to play the positive reinforcement game, I instead far too often let my frustrations get in the way of presenting better examples to those pesky kids.

Thinking of airy fairy alternatives to “just eat your fscking dinner” seems so hard after an hour of watching the sproglets research the best way to make a snake pit of spaghetti on the floor.

Which is why little tips picked up as I navigate through life are always welcome. Such as watching a king’s attempts to make his child stop stammering. And feeling you are looking at yourself. Only wearing a stupid army uniform and an even more ridiculous beard.

Yes last weekend I enjoyed the Kings Speech. But I particularly enjoyed learning that if I get frustrated with my children too much they may turn into Colin Firth.

And who wants Mr Darcy for a daughter?


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