Reasons to Live in Sydney: Part 1, Transport

Recently it feels like I’ve been everywhere. Man. And I’ve had a taste of transport from the 747 to the long tail boat in Phang Nga Bay and from the 100kmph train into London Liverpool Street to the “can’t get it out of second gear” TukTuk at Bangtao Beach. But today’s commute on the much-maligned CityRail here in Sydney reminded me that YES there are reasons why our Transport Systems are better here than elsewhere.

The Express to London zooms past the London 2012 Olympic Stadium

Maybe it’s because I live so close to the city, but my daily commute is 45 minutes each way – and most of that is Walking. So while in Phuket they have tiny kids on little stools on the floor of their scooter (while the bigger kids hang off the back). And even if tomorrow’s census here in Australia doesn’t allow my commute to work to include the Train AND walking. That’s how I do it boys and girls.

But that’s not the reason to live in Sydney – the $155 “My Multi” 4 week ticket is. Even if it has oddities where I can get the boat to Parramatta from the City (never gonna happen) or a bus to ANYWHERE, but I can only get the train to Burwood.

No the reason is that $155 equals about £100 and for a hundred squids in London you only get down the drain from Bank to Waterloo for a month – if you have an Oyster Card that is.

Which leads me to…


What do you think about what I wrote?

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