Who funds treatment if “shyness” is also a mental illness?

In his Spiked article Are you shy? Then you have a mental disorder Tim Black, prompted by the idea that up to 165 Million people in the European Union may have a mental illness, challenges us to consider the impact that

elevating normal behaviours to the level of clinical objects, what ought to be the proper objects of medical assistance are devalued.

It’s always a worry I have that extending the scope of who is really mentally ill puts far too much pressure on the Health System and creates expectations for people that for even the most minor of ailment they need to “seek help”.

But as with any need for assistance – where’s the line to be drawn? Someone is always going to be missed in subjective judgements after all.

In an associated part of our culture, will the probable Tabloid Headline when one of those people suffers because of their omission contribute to risk aversion when those who decide who is in an who is out make those choices?¬†So you end up having to treat “everybody”.

Will then more and more of those who absolutely need continuing help miss out on adequate treatment because of the constraints on funding? Especially in a culture where more and more people are averse to paying an appropriate amount of tax to support their society.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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