If storytelling is for Marketers why are so many so bad at it?

Marketing is partly about creating interesting content about a brand or product. Social Media includes the ability to create and manage conversations about the same. So why are the blogs of so many Social Media Marketers so boring?

Six degrees of separation is an interesting concept and I often try it while reading my RSS feeds on Feedly. This is achieved by following links under the “You might also like” sidebar.

However, yesterday while I did so with my “Social Networks” feed I quickly started to despair and tweeted:
Anyone able to fill me in on why I find the overwhelming majority of Social Media/marketing Blogposts so half arsed and boring?
September 13, 2011

One of the challenges I set myself when I started to blog is that I would try and relearn the art of writing. It’s a long term project, and I’m pretty sure that I’m nowhere near where I would like to be after about two years of doing this.

But after a twenty year hiatus, and not having to depend on this for food and shelter, I’m happy to take my time.
The greatest course I think I can take is to use services like Instapaper to discover great content through its partnership with Longfrom.org or to read great blogs like those of Bill Bennett, Denis Wright, Jason Kottke, Gavin Heaton et al

The death of the journalist who exposed dark secrets about Islamic extremism in Pakistan’s military. Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch makes the case for paying college athletes. An interview with Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone writer Vanessa Grigoriadis on the finer points of celebrity profiling.

So you might say I have no business criticising the blogs I ended up on as I continued my journey through the nether regions of the marketing blogosphere.

But here’s the rub, which I didn’t realise at the time, but it seems that many of them are obligated as part of their contracts to product blogposts
@franksting (1) Whole bunch of people writing posts because they feel obliged, rather than inspired, and (2) so much has been said already.
September 13, 2011

Which, I suppose makes sense. But you’d like to think that if they even understood writing, they’d be doing it regularly.

I might then forgive the poor grammar, prose and general pointlessness, for then perhaps they are doing it for the same reasons as I am – in the hope that one day, they’d get better at it.
I hear it’s always important to finish on a positive (no I’m not going to name names of those who gave me a mid-afternoon yawnfest) and share the links I mention above and more.
These people are great and I recommend you read them:

The unemployment rate has risen by 0.2 percentage points for two months in a row. Taken at face value, that says the economy is rapidly heading into recession. But it’s always a mistake to take economic statistics at face value and, fortunately, the truth is likely to be far more reassuring.

From economics on a global scale applied to Australian conditions to the economics of the Mobile Phone industry – especially the disruptive nature of everything which is happening there

asymco | Curated market intelligence

After processing more than 1500 data points on the performance of thirteen technology companies, patterns are beginning to emerge. The steps so far: The final step is to plot the changes in the relationship between pre- and post-crisis for the set of companies normalized to the same starting point and then classifying them: The chart shows how the “average P/Es” changed after 9/30/2008 vs.
to a broker in honesty, never afraid to say his always enjoyable piece
Stilgherrian · All publication is a political act. All communication is propaganda. All art is pornography. All business is personal. All hail Eris. Vive les poissons rouges sauvages!

A weekly summary of what I’ve been doing elsewhere on the internets. Most of the week was spent in Kuala Lumpur, my first visit. I’ll write more about that anon. Further material from the Kaspersky Lab event is appearing from today.
to another of similar ilk with some great tips for aspiring writers
Bill Bennett | journalist

You may need to discipline a worker who has stepped out of line. The best approach is something a British friend of mine describes as “a one minute bollocking”. Managers often have little experience of good technique when it comes to … deliver a fast and to the point reprimand There comes a time in every employee’s life when a junior oversteps the mark.
and a pair of French Men famous for various reasons, but whose thoughtful posts on the Media and Technology always help me start the week well.
Monday Note

The TechCrunch / Arrington saga is the perfect illustration for the stealthy corruption plaguing digital information. Skip this paragraph if you know the story. In a nutshell: on September 1st, Michael Arrington, founder of the site TechCrunch, announced the launch of a venture fund (Fortune broke the story).

And if you want good “marketing” related blogs, you can do worse than these two. While much of what Brogan says is common sense, it’s the way he picks simple ideas and creates pathways with them which appeals to me.

And Gavin isn’t just in here because he was the one who encouraged me to start writing again in the first place or because we share a first name – its because he varies his content and provides some great insights into a profession he clearly loves and understands.

Servant of Chaos

Having watched Gasland the movie late last year I was astounded to learn that coal seam gas mining was planned in Australia. Surely, I thought, we’d learn from the tragic lessons of others.
chrisbrogan.com — Learn How Human Business Works – Beyond Social Media

My language isn’t safe for work on this post. Save criticism for another post. In this case, I need to use this word. Seth Godin is right to tell you to ship. Get your stuff out. Make something. DO something. It’s important. And waiting until something is perfect isn’t an option.

Gavin and Chris will probably tell you no matter what you write, you should always be telling a story. Denis Wright does that as he intersperses stories of his battle with the “Unwelcome Stranger” in his brain with some rollicking tales from his lifetime

My Unwelcome Stranger

home | WHAT’S NEW!  | stories from my past I haven’t forgotten about tackling God in my continuing journey through my mini-series on personal philosophy . The mood will strike and it will come oozing out of the remainder of my brain.   Maybe that’s not the best analogy, but you get what you paid for today.
Who are your favourite writers in the “blogosphere”? Who should I add to my reading list?

What do you think about what I wrote?

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