I apologise for being wrong on the Internet, but has the Great Vampire Squid?

If your facts are “wrong” on the internet, being retweeted by a celebrity tweeter like Graham Linehan (aka Glinner)┬áthankfully helps widen the exposure to your error.

It’s a little known fact on the internet that “trading” involves buying something first before you can sell it at a profit. This surprised me because I’m pretty sure that not only is this a fundamental part of our capitalism, it was the basis of the sort of trading which helped expand economies in the first place.

In the modern day however the way to make your billions isn’t to drive your camel train across central Asia or sail your Galleon to the New World and return with spices and Gold. Instead it is to either convince a government to give you some of your country’s land for a pittance, dig it up and ship it to China or short on currencies. So when a trader breaks ranks to tell us all the ways capitalists can make money, it’s natural for there to be shocked reactions from both sides.

The world was therefore abuzz when Alessio Rastani made his claims on the BBC this week. Mixed with the shocked outrage from those who REALLY DIDN’T KNOW this is what happens at trading desks were articles from the British establishment questioning the bona fides of the messenger and others claiming he was part of the Yes Men – a group which spends its time trolling said establishment.

And then there was me. Following the lead of the UK Daily Telegraph, when I tweeted the story from the Yes Men denying he was part of their group, I used a mish mash of both angles in my tweet.

As I spend so much time calling out linkbait from the Media, it probably serves me right I was retweeted by Glinner. Because thankfully, as xkcd so famously drew, twitter was there to do it’s duty and smack me down.

It’s great that attention has been drawn to the great vampire squid and their fellows by Mr. Rastani. I can’t but wonder though if there are quite so many out there to help them fix their behaviour as there are for us when we are wrong on the Internet.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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