Amazon: Doubling down on Kindle for Mac?

At, if you look hard enough, you can get a Kindle for Mac application which includes links into their store using your Browser. With Amazon’s syncing, getting books you purchase into your app is pretty straightforward and you’re into reading quick smart.

So why oh why do they have an inferior version on the Mac AppStore? One which lacks the obvious call to action button: “Shop in Kindle Store”.

If the reason is some weird Apple iOS style content selling restriction, then I can’t understand why Amazon are even using the Mac AppStore for distribution. It’s fine for some small developer who doesn’t have the funds to manage their own distribution, but this is Amazon. You know, the guys who own EC2 and AWS?

Even if we imagine this is where Apple want to take third party application software installation on Mac OS X – and that seems like an illogical path, despite its success on the iOS – there appears to be no benefit to Amazon confusing the hell out of users with separate software distributions.

I say to Amazon: improve user experience, walk away from the AppStore. In fact I wonder why you aren’t already over the horizon.


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