Who’s the jailer, Richard Stallman?

While Richard Stallman and his friends luxuriate in the freedom of efficient computers running effective operating systems well supplied with software and entertainment, many millions of daily suffer in the shackles of a “jail” Steve Jobs helped create.

Stallman believes we should be glad that the jailer is gone, so people can return to creating and consuming in software freedom, instead of being locked up by technology choices made for them by the prison warden of the technology world.

credit: Michigan State University

A world where mobile phones exist as electronic tags for big brother doesn’t deserve the grace and benefice of Mr. Stallman. It’s time for us to return to a better world where computers were left to experts in their field and you needed a driving licence to use one.

Whose world is the Jail again?


One thought on “Who’s the jailer, Richard Stallman?

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