What impact will Wordads have on Google and Adsense?

Today WordPress announced Wordads, because in their own words

You pour a lot of time and effort into your blog and you deserve better than AdSense

My initial reaction to this was great, I might finally get to control the ads which appear at the bottom of these posts. But my curious nature took hold and made me wonder if the few products Google rely on for most of their revenue are slowly becoming commoditised.

First we had the worlds biggest Social Network creating it’s own ad network. I know Facebook’s social ads revenue is still reasonably small, but the revenue from it appears to be doubling year on year. Considering the size of Facebook and the engaged temperament of its users, will it become an ever more attractive place to advertise online – especially with its ability to make those ads highly targeted to viewers?

Then the worlds most used smartphone platform introduced an intelligent personal assistant including voice search. Yes Siri still uses Google Search, but in many cases it does so only as a last resort or if you specifically ask for a web search.

It seems that many are translating a greater proportion of their web use to smartphones and the iPad. (And it wouldn’t be a wild assumption that Siri will appear on the next or even current iPads.) At what point of Siri’s maturity could it start make a serious dent into Google’s search dominance? And what then would be the roll on effect to Google’s advertising revenues from search?

And now we have the world’s biggest blogging platform – a social network in itself – introducing an advertising platform. Is it logical to assume it is going to start to eat into the 28% of revenue currently sourced by Google through Adsense?

While all of the above is personal speculation, I bet the real speculators are focusing on the 32% revenue growth Google delivered Quarter on Quarter this year. And will continue to reward the share price with their heads in the sand.

Perhaps they are right, it isn’t logical to assume that Google are sitting pretty on the past surely. And with the recent culling of superfluous projects there, it’s logical they are focusing their resources on improving their search and advertising functionality and especially as that search integrates with Android.

But can they innovate fast enough and will their next big thing be good enough to head off the Online Search and Advertising disruptors before they are eating more of their pie than the investor market would like?

Wordads is hitherto just an announcement from Automattic. But with almost 70 million blogs and 2.5 billion page views per month, even if only a small proportion use Wordads, it’s bound to be more than a tiny thorn in the established players behind.



Is there some irony that the Occupy HTML people don’t even use Flash to promote their message?

Have they embraced the spirit of reality and compromise especially considering the following mea culpa?

…it crashes a lot…It requires constant security updates…It doesn’t work well on most mobile devices…It’s a content plugin, developed during the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of web technology.

Or perhaps it’s the greatest troll piece ever?

It’s a good job Google Hangouts does moustaches so well


Lets forget that I need to install a plug-in called “Vidyo” for Safari

But how can I forget that while I asked to start a “Google hangout”, it downloaded “Google voice and video setup” and welcomed me to “Google voice and video chat” while I eventually ran the “Google voice and video installer”

For security reasons, if not just a seamless user experience, you should probably standardise the name of your product?

The moustaches are awesome though.


I’ve been looking at this Zac Holman presentation on github for about 3 weeks now. Each time I come back to it, I think; this is worthy of a blogpost but have been unable to decide how.

But I kept coming back to this slide. You might agree it needs no more words

5 years ago, I’d be saying but, but, but…

Now all I can do is nod furiously. Don’t you love it when Process is more important than working.

What are we to do with the Hordes of illegals fleeing freedom by plane?

I can’t but imagine that The Courier Mail couldn’t resist including the “terrorist in our midst’ reference in today’s expose of the truth about illegal immigration in Australia.

I love a good freedom of information request. Especially when done by the mainstream media. It reminds me of the graph previously shared which illustrates the impact of those dangerous boat people on Australian society.

So which nationalities are the biggest offenders? The Data doesn’t lie.

Fleeing Oppression

Never mind the boat people, it’s the plane people fleeing oppression in North America we need to be ‘worried’ about.

What does it say about Amazon if the Kindle Fire changes size

A report some weeks ago indicated the Kindle Fire might in the future change it’s size to an 8.9 inch variation or perhaps append said size and more.

This may prove correct the stories that said the 7″ form factor was an opportunity item caused by the Playbook from RIM not selling as well as forecast. If a factory has capacity and will fulfill for you quickly to meet the holiday season, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity?

Continually newer technology allows businesses to make their products better and customers to get more value out of them. But if Amazon quickly grandfathers a new product like the Kindle Fire, surely they run the risk of disaffecting their initial customer – who are unlikely to be early adopters or geeks.

Assuming Amazon do change the form factor so quickly after launch it says a lack of strategy to me and a thumb the nose at those who are buying now. Though it’s possible the only people who will suffer are those who didn’t believe Steve Jobs’ “post-pc” nonsense and thought they were building laptop replacements.

A good business strategically picks it’s product form and feature set and doesn’t allow itself to get distracted by short term opportunities. Time will tell if the stories about an 8.9 inch tablet are iPhone 5 style linkbait generating nonsense or cautious considered assessments of the market.

Thanks for the cricket Peter Roebuck


While contemplating the sad death by suicide of Peter Roebuck yesterday, some apt heartfelt lyrics of Neil Young were served up to me on the stereo:

“some day you’ll find what you’re looking for”.

I knew little about Mr. Roebuck aside from what he wrote and the words and humour he used to describe his passion on the radio. I’m sorry he was unable to find what he was looking for because, even if I’m not a great fan of cricket, I think he was the only cricket writer who I wanted to read (despite his “breathtakingly bad simile or metaphor“) and the only commentator who kept my attention. With our hot summer days approaching the thought of Kerry O’Keefe without a reasonable foil seems such a challenge.

But to lose someone who was able to make sense for me of something I would otherwise probably ignore is as nothing compared to the loss his family, friends and workmates will suffer.

I wish them all well.

As if iTunes Genius could judge my state of mind another of Neil Young’s excellent songs dealing with loss curiously immediately followed. My reminder to you if a sparkle is in their eyes (or in their words), don’t leave their lives in their own hands.

Vale Peter Roebuck.


Humans are an adaptable lot so I’m optimistic that even if the timelines outlined in the award winning illustration below come true, we’ll already have found alternative sources (or resources) to fulfill our needs.

It’s not even clear if the data considers recycling or reuse of some of the minerals illustrated (and lets not mention the call out says “2047” while the illustration indicates “2057”).