Thanks for the cricket Peter Roebuck

While contemplating the sad death by suicide of Peter Roebuck yesterday, some apt heartfelt lyrics of Neil Young were served up to me on the stereo:

“some day you’ll find what you’re looking for”.

I knew little about Mr. Roebuck aside from what he wrote and the words and humour he used to describe his passion on the radio. I’m sorry he was unable to find what he was looking for because, even if I’m not a great fan of cricket, I think he was the only cricket writer who I wanted to read (despite his “breathtakingly bad simile or metaphor“) and the only commentator who kept my attention. With our hot summer days approaching the thought of Kerry O’Keefe without a reasonable foil seems such a challenge.

But to lose someone who was able to make sense for me of something I would otherwise probably ignore is as nothing compared to the loss his family, friends and workmates will suffer.

I wish them all well.

As if iTunes Genius could judge my state of mind another of Neil Young’s excellent songs dealing with loss curiously immediately followed. My reminder to you if a sparkle is in their eyes (or in their words), don’t leave their lives in their own hands.

Vale Peter Roebuck.


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