What does it say about Amazon if the Kindle Fire changes size

A report some weeks ago indicated the Kindle Fire might in the future change it’s size to an 8.9 inch variation or perhaps append said size and more.

This may prove correct the stories that said the 7″ form factor was an opportunity item caused by the Playbook from RIM not selling as well as forecast. If a factory has capacity and will fulfill for you quickly to meet the holiday season, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity?

Continually newer technology allows businesses to make their products better and customers to get more value out of them. But if Amazon quickly grandfathers a new product like the Kindle Fire, surely they run the risk of disaffecting their initial customer – who are unlikely to be early adopters or geeks.

Assuming Amazon do change the form factor so quickly after launch it says a lack of strategy to me and a thumb the nose at those who are buying now. Though it’s possible the only people who will suffer are those who didn’t believe Steve Jobs’ “post-pc” nonsense and thought they were building laptop replacements.

A good business strategically picks it’s product form and feature set and doesn’t allow itself to get distracted by short term opportunities. Time will tell if the stories about an 8.9 inch tablet are iPhone 5 style linkbait generating nonsense or cautious considered assessments of the market.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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