Netbank: taking no risks with your security on the iPhone

Which Banks iPhone application is, according to their own PR , a very popular way for their customers to access their financials online.

And they’ve generally done a great job. Retaining Security – the key focus in any banking service online – without sacrificing usability throughout the app.

Except in one simple case.

The close button.

At first glance it seems they’ve done the right thing with both the position and the behaviour of the button. In almost every app I use on the iPhone a button in that location signifies going to account settings or going back.

Until you realise any habitual, yet accidental, press will log out the banking session.

The challenge with habitualising yourself NOT to press it is a toss up between wasting a trunkload of time in Facebook figuring out an alternative way to find the kinky photos your friends share or repeatedly logging back in to your banking.

Perhaps they could remove the close button it and just let us use the “Log off” link they’ve helpfully provided instead. Or maybe it’s an undocumented security feature to protect us from ourselves and the HTML session embedded inside application wrapper.

What do you think about what I wrote?

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