Making things easier with Tweetbot and Tweetie

When I use Mail on my iPhone, I always drag down to update. It frustrates the hell out of me that Mail doesn’t support this great feature. After all, it seems like it was in the dawn of time that Loren Brichter first implemented it in Tweetie 2.

Similarly, if the system supports an ‘Open in Safari’ feature, why would you hide it behind multiple steps? Tweetbot, by far the most usable app on iOS implements this and other functions as a one click action. Long Press on any link, hashtag, username etc. and the user is presented with a list of applicable options.

It’s great to know these things, and it’s great to share them so people can remove their frustrations. They’re happier, I’m happier and the person who did the hard work of designing and implementing the function gets their just reward.

Is there a little known function on your platform of choice which others might benefit from that you’d like to share?

One thought on “Making things easier with Tweetbot and Tweetie

  1. Thanks for the help! I used to use NatsuLion then Tweetie, but since Twitter keeps releasing dumbed down versions of official app I was quite happy to get TweetBot. It has replaced official Twitter App in the coveted position on my home screen.

    Ta muchly again.

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