Opting out of Wordads. Because Paypal.

You might have guessed that I host these series of rambles on WordPress.com.¬†Which means, of course, if I’d rather not have their advertising on the site, I need to pay them to opt-out. Fair enough, it’s not as if I’m paying for the service and it’s stable with pretty much 100% uptime.

Recently I got invited to take part in Wordads. Wordads allows you to get a share of the revenue that Automattic (the owners of WordPress) make from advertising on your weblog. Sounded interesting until I read the terms of the service. Among other interesting things I’d need to agree to, I discovered that I’d need a PayPal account.

Guess I’ll be deciding whether I’m happy with the Google ads currently displayed or want to add another $30 a year to the $13 I’m already paying Automattic for the domain then.

I’m sure they’ll make more money out of me that way, anyway.


4 thoughts on “Opting out of Wordads. Because Paypal.

  1. Just wanted to tell you that your opinion matters to us. We’re looking at what other methods we can support besides Paypal.

    All the best,
    Egill (Your drive-by Automattician)

  2. I went with WordAds on my site, partly as an experiment, I want to see how it works. The PayPal clause was almost a deal breaker for me too, we’ll see how that works out.

    If I wasn’t using WordAds – and I may drop it later – I’d definitely fork out $30 for the no-advertising option, I reckon $30 a year is a reasonable price for that.

    • Bill, thanks for the note. I’ll keep an interested eye on your experiences with Wordads. And I absolutely agree with your point on the opt-out of ads fee.

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