An illegal immigrant might just be the leader Australia needs

The soon to be Minister for White People who work in recruitment and sit on the beach added another dolt to his quiver this week with his alleged demand for an apology from the ABC. Proving again the middling replacement for our tolerable government will be as visionless as a baby Koala in the daytime.

This from the man who, with his use of fraudulent, emotional terms in his ambition for leadership, would prefer to create an unexceptional society similar to the suburban pokie infested social club of his electorate. One which might surprise those who come from afar, who imagine our society is more like a rip-roaring Rolling Stones set than the tressed Austrian fiddler we’re actually a little more partial to.

She’ll be right though, we’ll become the RSL of the southern hemisphere. A place where we can moulder in the halcyon days of our youth rocking to a cavalcade of washed up nobodies and feed our slot machines with never emptying pots of gold. And nobody, and especially not the Minister for Stop the Boats, will respond badly when we loudly proclaim our expectation of unlimited welfare for all.

Like The Rolling Stones blowing America away with Little Red Rooster on Ed Sullivan in 1965, you used to have to inspire the people to be rewarded with leadership. These days our leaders appear to just sit back and bore the world to death by press release. Sort of like a political André Rieu, they know their insipid subversions will, without question, be rebroadcast by the media consumed by the apathetic.

The current disregard for both sides of politics in this country shows, clearly, there’s room for a leader to inspire people like me off our collective behinds. No longer kicking our heels, rather looking forward to going back to the top of the slide and taking a ride, as it were.

Perhaps that person once got on a boat to escape poverty, destruction or some other life impacting situation. And illegally arrived in Australia against the wishes of the Minister for White Australia.

I could rock like the Ed Sullivan show to that.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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