Excellent piece by Gavin Heaton advising companies to focus on Selling the Vision Not the Technology.

Essential reading.


Twitter integration in Safari on Mountain Lion

I bet the Twitter integration in Mountain Lion leads to an ongoing uplift in use by Mac Users. But because context is everything for me, a link without any in a tweet I read looks like spam. So as long as it does this when I select some text in the story:

Twitter Integration in Safari

Selected text in a Story doesn’t appear in the tweet

I’ll be sticking to sidebar to share links for now.

Bitly sidebar sharing with selected text

The bitly sidebar sharing includes selected text

What are the chances of a Safari 6.01 update to fix this in due course?

Another example of how Twitter is failing to deal with spammers in their quest to embrace as much “content” as possible?

Webroot Threat Blog - Internet Security Threat Updates from Around the World

By Dancho Danchev

Twitter users, beware!

Over the past several days, cybercriminals have been persistently spamvertising thousands of exploits and malware serving links across the most popular micro blogging service. Upon clicking on the clicks, users are exposed to the exploits served by the Black Hole web malware exploitation kit.

What’s so special about this campaign? What’s the detection rate of the malware it drops? Where does it phone back once it’s executed? Have we seen additional malware phone back to the same command and control servers, indication a connection between these campaigns? Let’s find out.

More details:

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Chirping like Sparrows

Let’s say you go out and buy a wrench for $10. You use it a lot and it works well. I think you’d call that a good investment.

If the company that makes the wrench gets bought out by a large construction firm which likes those wrenches you wouldn’t even care, because the wrench keeps working.

With Sparrow you bought your “wrench” for $2.99 for your iPhone or $10.49 for your Mac. And it works for you. And it will continue to work for you – even if Google, the large construction company, ends all development now they’ve bought the makers of your wrench.

It’ll continue to work on your Mac or iPhone as long as you like or it still works with the Operating System. You can keep having your beautiful multi-threaded conversations, with an uncluttered design, tailored inboxes, quick reply and (if you like that sort of thing) Facebook connection.

Or you could expect a refund because getting it on special wasn’t enough

or because spending less than the price of a cup of coffee on it was you funding a different version of the app

Which is a bit like buying said cup of coffee only because you think the producer might someday use your “investment” to protect the rainforest which might possibly surround their coffee plantation.

Instead, as Pocket developer Steve Streza writes

Yes folks, that wrench still works for the same reasons you laid down that huge investment in the first place. The best value you can get now is to continue to use it, at least until something better comes along.

Maybe you’ll even see the opportunity to build a better sparrow yourself?