Dear Tech Whingers, love Apple.

Dear {redacted},

Thank you for your note. We’re the most customer focused company on the planet at the moment so even though we know that techies get annoyed about our products, we’re focused on the majority of the market.

It’s a great boon, that despite the incessant whinging, said “techies” still can’t resist buying our product, which as you know creates more publicity for our products exposing them to millions more happy customers.

We also have this huge R&D effort,¬†which means we are confident we will continually out innovate our competitors. That, allied with the world’s best and most efficient supply chain and buckets of cash from our insanely great profitability, allows us to more quickly react to any attempts at competition.

We also sue cheapskates who copy us, but refer to the paragraph about publicity above.

So, in summary, get imaginative – like we did 10 years ago.

Kind Regards,


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