One day we all grew up and Paul Keating became a NIMBY

According to the Sydney Morning Herald former Australia Prime Minister Paul Keating thinks Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore is “The Queen of Grog” due to the proliferation of “small bars” in the Potts Point/Kings Cross area where he lives.

Yet if you look at the last list of Licenced Premises known to be trouble spots, I’m finding it difficult to spot anywhere but the types of barns which the policies of the previous Labor Government in New South Wales had encouraged.

Funnily enough, when Clover Moore introduced a bill to support the licencing of small bars in NSW, Keating was all for it:

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating told the NSW Government last week that “the pub culture in Sydney is stultifyingly bad” and the “hotel warlords” were out to stymie reform.

SMH, 5/10/2007

Could it be that Mr. Keating has had an attack of the NIMBY’s now that the hedonists approach the environs of his Castle?


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