Our Survey Says #2: Mobile Market Share by CNET

That I’d never heard of Kantar WorldPanel ComTech until Cnet Australia published a post using their data to prove that Android was the leading Mobile OS in Australia means nothing. I’m sure they’re a great organisation delivering insightful market currency to brand owners and owners and others.

Perhaps Android is, as the Cnet Article claims and the data seems to back up, the leading OS installed on smartphones in Australia. But when the author neither links to the data he’s basing his entire article on nor the method used to derive the numbers, my suspicions are raised.

So I’ll do Mr. Hanlon’s job for him, here’s the PDF describing the results.

I’ve previously written my suspicions of surveys used to determine the market, and was criticised for inferring a valid sample was too small. However, unless I’m missing the wood for the trees on this one, it seems to me the Australian – or any other regions – data is not backed by any reference to the methodology used to derive it.

There’s plenty of journalists doing great things with data, it’s pretty sad to think that in the technology space, most of it appears to be shallow attempts at linkbait for their advertising driven site. As with any information used to write a story, something to back up the claims either from the originator or better another source would be valuable.

Otherwise, as in this case. there’s no story.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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