Robbie Farah in the cheap seats at the MCG

In the weekend that stabbings dominated the crime news across Sydney, we started Monday talking about a footballers pain because he mistakenly read a post some moron sent him on Twitter.

Which led to declarations of intent by the Premier of New South Wales and the Police Commissioner of the same state to strengthen laws so that these trolls could be taken down.

With help from the Federal Government of course.

The same Federal Government whose leader – Australia’s Prime Minister – was subjected to the same type of inane abuse, but much much worse, following the death of her father this weekend. She, however, seems to have had the good sense – like she’s done throughout her time as leader of this country – to ignore the intelligence deficient and manage her grief in private.

Celebrities can pretend they don’t use social media sites to enhance their celebrity or puff out their chests at the adulation of their fans. There’s enough misinformation for the misinformed in the ongoing promotion of celebrity by the media, it’s time to try some honesty. Real life doesn’t stop at the keyboard, nor does it get better or worse once you go online. You’re just more likely to encounter dipshits when you’re there.

In the same way clever people walk away from arsehats trying to antagonise them in the pub or on the pitch, I suggest he and his celebrity supporters ignore them online. Twitter has a Block and Report for Abuse function – what did the guys who were stabbed in Mount Druitt have for the muppet flicking cigarette butts at them?

I’d invite Robbie Farah and Barry O’Farrell to sit in the cheap seats at the MCG next weekend for the final between rivals West Coast and Collingwood. But I’m pretty sure they’d quickly be trying to get the Victorian government to write new laws to protect the poor footballers on the field from idiotic comments from drunken mouthbreathers.

It’s not as if Farah hasn’t probably heard worse from opposing fans – if he was listening – over the years. Maybe he should apply the same filter off the pitch?


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