Robbie Farah was in the cheap seats after all

Before I wrote about how Robbie Farah might consider a similar filter on twitter to the one he probably needs to apply every time he plays a game of football, I was aware of allegations about a tweet he sent to Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard a year ago.

Turns out he’s as much if not more of a hypocrite as you or I:

Others will give you the Social Media Advice posts, I’ll just make the point that unlike certain Newspaper editors in the UK, he seems to have been big enough to apologise. Though as a celebrity of sorts, he probably didn’t have much choice in the matter.

He could go further and ask the bottom scraping media organisation, which said editor once worked for, to call off the dogs in their idiotic and simplistic “stop the trolls” campaign.

Which wonderfully has, to date, included a series of posts from expert contributors. As the reference says, my head is exploding.

What do you think about what I wrote?

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