Shipped and Sold

Another thing which comes to mind with the breathless headlines about the disappointing iPhone launch weekend numbers was the focus on sold as the metric used to quantify the numbers Apple made in the period.

With the arrival via courier this morning of one to this house, I stopped to consider whether that was counted as sold or shipped in the opening weekend numbers. Checking my Apple Store order yesterday, it was clear that the device was charged to my credit card then (sold) and marked as shipped at the same time.

I suspect therefore, that this item – which I ordered on the 14th of September last – will, like the many others my courier told me he had to deliver today, add to that 5 million during this week.

The number of orders Apple have taken since launch less than two weeks ago is most likely substantially more than the 5 million quoted to date. I wonder what percentage of those orders are sitting as shipped in stock at retail stores and elsewhere.

Unlike so many better devices out there who count shipped as their sole metric, I suspect the amount of inventory sitting waiting for a buyer is a pretty low number.


What do you think about what I wrote?

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