Meeting Expectations

In my day job, we’ve spent a lot of time in recent months being indoctrinated into a system which is supposed to reflect customer happiness toward our business. Surprisingly, to a cynic like me, it appears to be working as much to change the mentality within the business as it is to the customers attitude toward us.

Tonight I needed to print out some photos my daughter took on our recent holiday, but I didn’t want to print them in basic single page or contact sheet style, so I went hunting.

Traditionally I would go straight to an internet search engine, but now I’ve been indoctrinated to try the Mac App Store first. And as long as it delivers quickly me to free services like CollageIt – which gives me a beautiful series of templates to choose from – it’s likely to remain my first port of call. Up until recently more often than not I didn’t immediately find a solution to my problem, but I’ve noticed recently that’s changed for the better. So for now, as long as the results meet my expectations, I’m likely to continue to go there first.

Much like how a company changing its culture to focus first on the customer leads to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty because expectations are being met, perhaps?

It isn’t the collage of my daughters pictures created by CollageIt, but it is one with pretty good depth of field that we used.



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