A user story for the Australian Taxation Office and e-tax

As a taxpayer

I want to be able to do my tax return online using a Platform of my choice

so that I’m no longer frustrated with a third rate User Experience using second rate technology on a single Platform.

I’ve been giving the ATO a version of this feedback for three years now, I’m pretty satisfied that it is falling on deaf ears. So this year, following a frustrating three hours using the service, I thought I should simplify the requirement into an Agile User Story to help speed up their development process.

I further suggested that perhaps we need to refuse to submit tax returns so they will start to listen to this and other feedback like it from many others over the last five years. I hope that action won’t be required, but for users of platforms other than windows and those who know good UX in online services, our patience with the current situation has worn thin and is possibly now frayed beyond repair.

Surely it’s time for them to try a different approach so many Australian taxpayers can stop feeling like second class citizens when they want to put their tax affairs in order?

6 thoughts on “A user story for the Australian Taxation Office and e-tax

  1. Seriously if you take 3 hours to do it every year you have bigger issues!! Find another method (paper,agent) rather than repeating your cycle each year and then blaming someone else because you just chose to waste the 3 hours. There are plenty of things in life that we can’t do because we’re not catered for! If, like you, i had a whine about all of them then i to would be wasting time. You know what i do instead….get over it!

    • I wasn’t going to publish this because if the comment is longer than the piece, perhaps you should learn to summarise and make your point and as it is either a strawman or a misapprehension of the piece then it just distracts from the point.
      But I’m responding just to make those points. And to add them to common law of comment policy.
      Also, if your tax takes less than 3 hours in etax, I suspect you either don’t work or wrote the software.

  2. Sometimes it feels the only reason we have a parallels is to do our tax returns every year. The best way to be platform agnostic is to create an online experience. Of course that’s a HUGE investment, but one that is easily to monitor and update in the long run.

    • I’m not sure how huge the investment actually is. It’ll likely have been cheaper to maintain and improve over the years as well as being available to higher percentage of the population in a usable form

  3. I agree with the guy above.Taking 3 hours to do a tax return is awfully long. Using the pre-fill service might help save you some time.

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