Over iTunes 11

I’m sorry iTunes 11, despite my inital distaste, I tried to like you, but tonight was the last straw. The detail was unimportant, the method to get back to the stable and, most importantly, a usable iTunes 10.7 was found, installed and allowed me to see my Music in the iCloud on my laptop again.

Thanks to JDog Tutorial, AppZapper and Pacifist for making the downgrade go so smoothly.

As for Apple, perhaps you should do as I have many times suggested – rip it up and start again. You know, like you did with Mobile Computing and Mobile Phones?

Let me know when you do, in the meantime I’ll stick with a version that works as I need it to.


5 thoughts on “Over iTunes 11

  1. Totally spot on. Good luck sticking with 10.7, especially in a few iOS versions from now, when they’ll eventually tie the newer versions together once again.

    The hidden sidebar in iTunes 11 had me completely confused; why would anyone roll out such a radical change? It’s very much the same feeling with Windows 8 – like there’s some new UI paradigm that is being foisted upon us, and that somewhere in the world some elite UX “experts” are making these decisions amongst themselves.

    Like you, I want to “get” iTunes 11, but something is missing. Apple, fix it.

    • I think the term I used, Michael, was a “whitewash”. I could get over that they had stuffed up the UI, press play, move on after all. But when they made it impossible for me to get *my* music, even in my edge case, I couldn’t take it anymore.
      I can only hope that by the time v10 no longer supports syncing to iOS, I either won’t need that syncing anymore or they’ll have fixed my issues

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