What’s next for the Apple TV?

Recently I participated in a fun panel discussion on the Apple TV – what you can do with it now, and what might be next for Apple’s interesting hobby.

While everyone seems to be focused on iOS style apps or gaming as the obvious next step for the Apple TV, I actually think that what’s up next is getting the TV shows people love onto the platform faster without Apple first having to partner with our traditional broadcast channels. After that, it’s anyone guess, but I’m thinking what’s known as Smart Home┬ástyle services is a greater opportunity than, for example, connecting bluetooth chipped cats.

Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “What’s next for the Apple TV?

  1. I’m using our Apple TV to access YouTube more and more. There is some fantastic YouTube channels generating amazing content, and as Apple TV hooks up to my YouTubeaccount and subscriptions, I can watch everything on the big screen from the comfort of my sofa. It is actually reducing the amount of traditional TV that I am watching.

    However, as Apple has some issues with Google (who own YouTube), I’m not sure how long this app will remain on the Apple TV.

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