The Bucket List of Technology

Samsung's Bucket List of Technology Features for the Galaxy S 4

As I read about the new technology which Samsung have included with their newly announced mobile device, it was obvious to me that they are migrating to a more user focused company from their technical background.The presentations at the launch – most especially the one accompanying this post, however hinted they aren’t yet ready to leave behind the focus on the technology behind the features in their promotions.

Visuals hang around, and are inherently more reusable to illustrate your product than the words written by the technologically savvy for their gadget hungry readership. The attendees at today’s launch were clearly the right audience for the bucket list of technology crammed into the Galaxy S 4, like the example I share, but there is a lot to be said for your imagery to instead focus on simply explaining the key features. One at a time.

Especially when, in order to get the scale you need to be successful, your potential customers are more interested in what they can do with your innovation rather than what it is called or how many audio codecs it supports.

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