The iPhone’s declining, but no-one brings the data

It’s clear only a trolling fanboi would ask for evidence of the following statements;

    "Apple is falling behind a bit…" because there are "…so many (things) available on other platforms."
    "Apple is…too stubborn to jump onto some of the things its competitors have been embracing."
    If "…the next generation of iPhone/iOS…isn’t something literally game changing, the attrition will increase for sure."

as they are entirely self-evident in and of themselves. Apple’s evolutionary, sustainable product development practices are unable to keep pace with the industry requirement for innovative, disruptive hardware and software every 6-9 months.
As they are no longer able to change the game, it’s logical they should just accept their position in the technology scheme of things. In god we trust, the evidence is in.

One thought on “The iPhone’s declining, but no-one brings the data

  1. The false assumption that tests my patience is that unit sales market share matters when half the players are churning out kit at a loss.

    But what really bothers me is the effect all this negative stuff will have on Apple’s board and management.

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