Special Minister of State Mark Dreyfus says the bill will be withdrawn altogether if the Coalition does not support it.

"The whole basis for this particular package was the clear commitments that have been received from the Coalition," he said.

"If those commitments aren’t there anymore, we won’t be proceeding with this bill."

Mark Dreyfus learns there’s nothing like inheriting and having to implement someone else’s ideas. Especially if you end up having to defend them.

via ABC news


Happy Exits


How does your former customer feel about you after they’ve exited their relationship with you?


If a horde of people decide to push that refresh back a year or two longer than usual, annual PC sales are going to drop precipitously as a result. Like, say, to the tune of a 7.8 percent decline.

I’d say they are being generous with that decline.

DVD Decryption in HandBrake


If you have a lot of DVD’s you’ll know you want to watch them via your home media system. But what if, like me, you no longer have a DVD player connected to your TV?

Handbrake has always been a great help to allow me to create mkv files to either play directly from my computer using Boxee or similar or, more recently, m4v files from iTunes via my Apple TV.

For those DVD’s that have inconvenient encryption – predicated on the logic that you’ll always prefer last centuries entertainment technology, the latest version of HandBrake needs this add on to allow you to clearly watch the entertainment you’ve purchased or borrowed by your preferred viewing method.

And for those of you who cry; illegal! can I show you my Apple Account so you can be clear how much I spend on an ongoing basis renting or buying entertainment via today’s method?

“The Dog ate my twitter account”


Another day, another ‘celebrity’ or official twitter account claiming they were hacked in response to some poorly chosen posts.

For those whose claims were valid, I can only ask why you haven’t turned Twitter Using login verification yet?

For those who are just making shit up to hide your poor judgement, maybe try something like Bleeply to help you stop screwing up?

Previous guidance to review your connected applications and try changing your Password more often still stands.

Headline with thanks to Gary Stark.

Cars 3: The Fast and the Furious


With the upcoming release of The Fast and Furious 6, I was thinking that any "movie franchise" that gets beyond a fourth sequel really needs to be ended – with prejudice. As an alternative, perhaps Pixar could pick up the Fast and the Furious and then diversify the ailing Cars franchise into something a little more adult.

Cars 3: The Fast and the Furious ticks all the boxes surely?