DVD Decryption in HandBrake

If you have a lot of DVD’s you’ll know you want to watch them via your home media system. But what if, like me, you no longer have a DVD player connected to your TV?

Handbrake has always been a great help to allow me to create mkv files to either play directly from my computer using Boxee or similar or, more recently, m4v files from iTunes via my Apple TV.

For those DVD’s that have inconvenient encryption – predicated on the logic that you’ll always prefer last centuries entertainment technology, the latest version of HandBrake needs this add on to allow you to clearly watch the entertainment you’ve purchased or borrowed by your preferred viewing method.

And for those of you who cry; illegal! can I show you my Apple Account so you can be clear how much I spend on an ongoing basis renting or buying entertainment via today’s method?


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