PC sales aren’t going to zero this year. But the replacement cycle, already at 5 years, will lengthen further and further, more and more apps will move to mobile or the cloud, and for many people the PC will end up like the printer or fax – vestigial reminders of an older way of doing things.



The impulses to get rid of images of abuse, and shield children from pornography, are not bad ones. But to imagine that this can be done solely by algorithms creating filters, blacklists and blocking, rather than solid support for police work on abuse images, and proper, engaged debate on the moral and ethical issues of what we and our children can and cannot view online, really is like imagining one can command the tides.

via David Cameron’s King Canute moment – Index on Censorship | Index on Censorship.


While clutter has been shown to negatively effect your performance, it is your perception of clutter that matters, not someone else’s.

If having a notebook, pen, or a photo of your significant other on your desk, doesn’t feel like clutter to you, then it’s not.

You should seek to create spaces that make you feel at ease.

Put this interesting article on clutter alongside a recent post on procrastination, and I’m starting to see some patterns in my own behaviour.

I should use Freecycle more.


Campaigns designed to raise awareness are as much about advertising the status of the campaigners as they are about changing the outlook of a target audience.

So says Frank Furedi as he raises awareness from his well promoted pulpit about those professional awareness raisers.

Aside from the obvious irony of writing about the topic, it is a well argued story which I’m happy I’ve been made aware of.

I’m off to check which colour ribbon I should be wearing today.