Which mistake did you made today?

Today I made mistakes, we all make mistakes. Not every day, but then as the song goes, some days are better than others.

Sometimes mistakes are good. The best mistakes are the ones where I quickly understood and corrected the problem. The ones where held my hand up and admitted that I messed up and asked the right questions to make sure the problem got fixed. Quickly.

Except in the worst of circumstances, people understand and I have hopefully learned from the experience.

The worst mistakes are where I stick to my guns, bury my head in the sand and hope the problem goes away. The situation where someone has constant and continuing problems, and any reputation that I might be capable goes down the drain.

Somewhere in the middle are the deliberate mistakes. Those made to either test responses or used to distract from something unpalatable. If I made them and was found out, I expect that not only does perception of my capability get thrown out the window, trust is frogmarched out of town as well.

One of the major political parties in Australia, and almost certainly our next government, has made a mistake regarding their policy about filtering the internet. I think we can agree that while the mistake was pretty serious, it wasn’t life threatening – despite some of the online reaction (the overwhelming majority of the country probably think a filter is for their pool or air-conditioner). And the person ultimately responsible for the policy, responded within hours to correct the record and we moved on.

Or have we. One thing I’ve noted from the ongoing online responses is the lack of trust in the response – which admittedly was probably already quite low from many of those responding – a feeling that the clarification wasn’t anything more than a fearful backdown.

Today the same political party released the costings of their announced policies. With the election in two days it should be certain that this long anticipated event would garner most if not all of the headlines less than 48 hours out from the polls opening. Releasing a mistaken policy, while not entirely masking some of the massive numbers in those costs, is bound to have some form of distraction.

Gotcha moments are more likely to make headlines, or at worst get you a story at The Onion, dry figures and policies instead tend to exist down the page.

Which mistake do we think the Liberal Party of Australia made today? Are they spinning a distraction or was it an honest mistake?


What do you think about what I wrote?

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