A Weblog by Gavin Costello.

Idea Exchanger, Technology Lover, Bullshit Hater. Opinionated.

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I take the Helicopter View by default, but get nitty gritty when required. Give me the right problem and I’ll help you solve it.

I’m a Product Manager by Day for a large Telecommunications Company with a focus on Consumer Security. My past (and present) is very Media and Advertising centric. However now I’m focused on Creating Customer value and better customer experiences. Easy to say, sometimes hard to do.

Since I started this blog I realise that I’m also a writer. I started this off because I was intrigued with the advent of what is called "Social Media" by Marketing People. However, and as with most things, the items of interest have come to the fore.

I write on a range of topics, but mainly on Technology, Product Development and Football. The WorldCup in 2010 was my first foray into a regular series of post on a specific topic. It was harder than I thought, but something I would like to continue.

However, being an amateur blogger doesn’t pay the bills, so the day job and family often wins out.

I’d like to think I’m a future Bon Vivant (pending approval by Bon Viveur society of Planet Earth, otherwise known as the Mortgage and the Wife). In the meantime, here’s my…

Professional information

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