Get the Police a Twitter shaped Batphone


You’re probably more likely to win the lottery than to get any law enforcement agency…to take action when you are harassed online.

An outtake from Kathy Sierra’s blogpost outlining the harassment she has almost constantly received online since 2007 as she yet again feels the need to give up twitter.

I thought it sadly apt in the context of the Victoria Police force here in Australia, yesterday telling a target of said harassment to contact local police.

While this target was probably okay to do that, I’m assuming that’s not always the case. And exactly what is stopping any police force from accepting requests for assistance from any channel?

If the Philadephia Police force are happy to work with social media to solve crimes, perhaps Victoria Police and others can take lessons from them?


Warriors: Five Pints 14 2


The New Scientist tells us about research into Social Networks which knows when censors delete online posts:

The system was able to spot, with 85 per cent accuracy, when censorship was taking place on a wide scale. Upon detecting the resulting change in network shape, the system could be programmed to send an alert to activists or protesters, say, to warn them that the authorities were tampering with their posts.

More of this sort of thing.


Christine Buckley, one of the first willing to speak out about institutional abuse in Ireland recently died.

As a teenager, she tried to smuggle a letter to newspapers exposing cruelty at the orphanage but she was found out.

Her punishment was a beating by a "sadistic" nun that left her needing 100 stitches in her leg.

Vale Christine Buckley, a great woman of Ireland.

The Media

In light of more recent stories, easily broken using data alone about Australia’s shameful concentration camp on Manus Island in PNG, Andrew Elder’s piece from January on the lack of journalistic initiative on Nauru is particularly damning:

Australia detained thousands of asylum-seekers on Nauru from 2001 to 2008, and again since 2012. It had been an Australian dependency for decades: politically that ended in 1968 but economically it has never not been the case. The country has a matrilineal social system. The most popular sport on the island is Australian Rules football. Why there wasn’t at least one, just one Australian reporter, stationed there during that time, is an indictment of the initiative of Australia’s media.


I loved this intriguing dissection of Steven Gerrard by Ken Earlys :

Some of those Manchester United players were better than Gerrard in some aspects…None could match Gerrard’s all-around ability, his combination of skill, athleticism, and big-game impact. Scoring goals is the most difficult thing in football. Gerrard has scored 183 for club and country, more than Giggs (181), Scholes (169) or Beckham (146).

He’s the only player to score in the final of the FA Cup, League Cup, Uefa Cup, and Champions League. He’s collected more individual Player of the Year awards than all of the Class of ’92 put together.

I’m unapologetically a Liverpool and Steven Gerrard fan, but I’d trade all those successes of his in just to see a League winners medal around his neck.

It’s time.


Recently the Ad hoc podcast geeked out on Blade Runner.

Yes, my first time was pan and scan on VHS too.

Highly recommended for some excellent insights, not just on the movie, but on Ridley Scott’s creative process and the technology of the time.

Dyson Wash Day


If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Dyson wanted its users to get the best value out of their purchases.

I wonder how effective this strategy is for getting the type of Promoter Scores that turn into recurring purchases – without the overt marketing normally required to achieve this.

Screen Shot 2013 06 12 at 9 29 39 PM

“The Dog ate my twitter account”


Another day, another ‘celebrity’ or official twitter account claiming they were hacked in response to some poorly chosen posts.

For those whose claims were valid, I can only ask why you haven’t turned Twitter Using login verification yet?

For those who are just making shit up to hide your poor judgement, maybe try something like Bleeply to help you stop screwing up?

Previous guidance to review your connected applications and try changing your Password more often still stands.

Headline with thanks to Gary Stark.

The Bucket List of Technology


Samsung's Bucket List of Technology Features for the Galaxy S 4

As I read about the new technology which Samsung have included with their newly announced mobile device, it was obvious to me that they are migrating to a more user focused company from their technical background.The presentations at the launch – most especially the one accompanying this post, however hinted they aren’t yet ready to leave behind the focus on the technology behind the features in their promotions.

Visuals hang around, and are inherently more reusable to illustrate your product than the words written by the technologically savvy for their gadget hungry readership. The attendees at today’s launch were clearly the right audience for the bucket list of technology crammed into the Galaxy S 4, like the example I share, but there is a lot to be said for your imagery to instead focus on simply explaining the key features. One at a time.

Especially when, in order to get the scale you need to be successful, your potential customers are more interested in what they can do with your innovation rather than what it is called or how many audio codecs it supports.


From Groupon’s SEC Filing:

We want the time people spend with Groupon to be memorable. Life is too short to be a boring company. Whether it’s with a deal for something unusual, such as fire dancing classes…we seek to create experiences for our customers that make today different enough from yesterday to justify getting out of bed. While weighted toward the measurable, our decision-making process also considers what we feel in our gut to be great for our customers and merchants, even if it can’t be quantified over a short time horizon.

I’m not a fan of what Groupon are selling, but totally this.

Via Dustin Curtis

“Opening Weekend”


The Opening Weekend was always the method of measuring consumer excitement for Hollywood Movies. Indeed if you search opening weekend even today you’ll note the focus on blockbusters.

We keep getting told that consumer preferences are changing, a tipping point approaches, but the search results remain the same.

This week the term opening weekend was used by a number of media organisations to describe Apple’s initial sales of the iPhone 5. Couple that usage with the long expected mass-market adoption of alternative methods of consuming entertainment, and I wonder how long before search results for that term change to look more like this?