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I haven’t been posting here for a while, so it seems remiss to give WordPress more money to map the domain. As of the 27 June 2015, this will be while I decide what to do next, if anything


This Mess We’re In

Teaching Children is Easy

Hong Kong has apparently been working hard at its efforts to integrate its multi-racial society a bit closer. This satirical jab from Hong Wrong on the statelet’s (sorry Self Governing Territory) efforts at educating the younger members of it’s society shows they clearly have some way to go.

The Trouble with Politicians

Speaking of Hong Kong, there was news this week that a politician born there was considering leaving Northern Ireland after more than 40 years…

…for good because of enduring sectarianism and now rising racism.
Lo, who represents South Belfast in the regional parliament, also cited first minister Peter Robinson’s support for a born-again Christian preacher’s depiction of Islam as “the spawn of the devil” as a reason for wanting out of Ulster politics.

Far be it for me to suggest that The North’s thin veneer of success following the end of the Troubles might be wearing thin, but I do* look forward to this month’s and next’s Parade Season to kick off. (* in the way that I look forward to a screaming baby at 3am).

A More Secure Commute

Meanwhile in Beijing qz is claiming they are now subject to Airport Security style searches before entering the subway, leading to massive lines. As one commenter mentions:

Surely “throwing a bomb into this crowd would be more lethal” than setting one off on the subway, noted one skeptic

Exactly, everything’s fine!

This Teenage Government

Our venerable Prime Minister today released an announcement ostensibly about the 70th anniversary of D-Day and upcoming visit to Canada and the USA. It contained such D-Day references as:

The Government’s Economic Action Strategy to lower tax, cut red tape and encourage trade will improve the competitiveness of businesses so that we can build a stronger Australia.
We welcome investment and we are making investment more attractive by scrapping the carbon tax and the mining tax, cutting 50,000 pages of red tape and ending the “analysis paralysis” on major projects.
Our international partners can see that our Budget is again under control, we are tackling debt and deficits and we are serious about building a strong and prosperous economy.

I’m sure the diggers and others who thought they fought to save Europe from tyranny would be surprised to know it was actually to protect Tony’s mates from Carbon Taxes. That they later withdrew the statement should only add to the concern the teenagers have left another mess for the adults to clean up.

This Mess We’re In

After that selection of mind-numbing news, I have to leave it the magnificent Polly Jean Harvey to remind us how much it seems to change, but never really does:

And I have seen the sunrise over the river
The freeway reminding of this mess we’re in

Lullabies: Five Pints 14 3


I know I can sleep happily now they’ve finally solved the Mpemba Effect. Mind you, I thought you put boiled water into the ice cube trays because you could be certain the water was safe. You can tell I’ve been to Mexico and am not a Scientist.


Back in February Reza Berati, an Asylum Seeker from Iran, was killed at one of Australia’s Concentration camps for Asylum Seekers and Refugees which are scattered around the pacific islands. It took more than 8 days for an autopsy to determine the cause of death to be held. This past week a report into the events around his death was released.

The Australian Minister for Concentration Camps is clear about where the blame for Mr. Berati’s death really lies;

“There would have been no incident that night had there been no protests, I think that’s clear to say…”

What Scott fails to tell us is that there would have no protests if him and his political ilk treated people with a little more respect and showed a little more compassion.


One evening recently I found myself lullabying my young boy with The Smiths magnificent Asleep.

You’ll be delighted to know he did wake up and wasn’t on his own the next morning.


The internet has been a terrible cure for my infrequent bouts of homesickness. What with Skype and now FaceTime providing an easy avenue to see and talk with friends and family from afar and Facebook, Twitter et al connecting you with what those same people and others are thinking (and Liking) on a daily basis, it’s a lot easier than it must have been back in the day.

To top it off, there’s the People’s Republic of Cork website to remind me of the lilting tones of my own home place. In this story from earlier this year they can help you dear reader say Oiche Maith to me without sounding like a Scot.

If Commander Hadfield could do it on the ISS, why can’t you?


Speaking of Cork, I’ll leave you this time with a lovely little piece about the best part of that fine county, East Cork. And how Padraig Reidy (and I) totes agree that celebrity couple Kimye have chosen the best place in the world to spend their honeymoon this week.

Why Anywhere Else indeed!?

It’s beyond time for an Internet Computer.

Steve Jobs wanted the original iMac to be an internet computer, that is without a built in Hard Drive. Jon Rubinstein said, in 1998, the network computer just didn’t work…there wasn’t enough bandwidth.

In many ways, and for most of our usage, that restriction is no longer the case.

Perhaps the iPad + iCloud is that vision come to light (or the Google Chromebook).

But what if you don’t want to use an iPad a Chromebook or have your data in iCloud or with Google? And what if you use multiple devices to access your information, and they aren’t all on the same platform?

Personally I’m over trying to keep up with all my data – local, on hard drives and in multiple cloud locations.

I thought Dropbox and related entitles might be the solution. But as with anything backward focused, they end up trying to replicate current experiences – i.e. Backup and Sync. Or like with Google Drive, iCloud and Microsoft One Drive, they buttress the backup/sync mistake by trying to lock you into their existing software and/or platforms.

I want a solution which I can be certain to be permanent (within reason). I want to be able to access all my data from any device. I want to be able to manage my data just as I would only desktop or laptop computer. And I want it not to be simply a backup or sync solution for my local content – in fact, If I want backups, I want to make them locally from the content in the cloud..

In short I want a personal hard drive which I can use from any platform anywhere. It’s beyond time for the Internet Computer.


Unlike Rands, I’m not looking to get high.

This is a reminder not to let a digital world full of others’ moments deceive you into devaluing your own. Their moments are infinite – yours are finite and precious – and this New Year I’m wondering how much we want to create versus consume.

But what if Rands is wrong? I personally don’t put up 82 Facebook updates and 312 tweets to get high, but rather because that’s actually my downtime.

Perhaps to do more writing on this blog, which I didn’t often enough in 2013. I need to use the act of writing for relaxation just as I do when using twitter, watching a great movie or doing the washing up.

I’m not sure I’ll get a Builders High, but if it makes more more relaxed, that’ll do.

Unroll me from my email pain

You know how when you sign up for anything online these days, you almost always get opted in to some kind of mailing list. And while service like the excellent Mailbox app for Gmail helps you manage the torrent of email so much easier today, services like go that step further.

Want to keep getting emails from some services? Add them to your daily rollup and you’ll get the full list in one email every day.

Want to unsubscribe from some random thing you forgot you signed up for? It’ll do that for you in one click.

The only concern is giving even more personal data to yet another company. But if you know your mail is being constantly harvested by Google anyway, the trade off of convenience to privacy is so far into the convenience aisle, I’m comfortable. For now.

And, you know, inbox zero.


Considering the number of times we put our finger on that Home button, as long as they nail the software response to a fingerprint scan to unlock event, this seems like a world of logic to me.


Rumors of a fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone(s aapl) are nothing new. In fact, Apple has been expected to implement a fingerprint sensor in the iPhone since it acquired AuthenTec last year. Now, less than a week ahead of the phone’s unveiling, alleged images of the iPhone 5S home button have surfaced, showing a redesign from the iPhone 5 which suggests that Apple is indeed planning to incorporate a fingerprint sensor this time around.

iPhone 5S home button in hand

These high-res images are once again courtesy of Sonny Dickson, who has brought us the majority of Apple leaks this summer, from the iPhone 5C to the iPad mini. Now, I’m not even sure what a fingerprint sensor looks like, or if we can even see one in these images without a more detailed closeup. What I do know, however, is that the sensors and wiring used here are visibly different from the iPhone…

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RSA, the manufacturer of ‘Security, Compliance and Risk-Management solutions have discovered a new method of delivering what’s known as an Advanced Persistent Threat:

methodology relies on “trojanizing” legitimate websites specific to a geographic area which the attacker believes will be visited by end users who belong to the organization they wish to penetrate.

In effect assuming a number of compromised computers or devices will be introduced into the targeted corporate network lying in wait like lions at a watering hole for the opportunity to attack.