It’s beyond time for an Internet Computer.

Steve Jobs wanted the original iMac to be an internet computer, that is without a built in Hard Drive. Jon Rubinstein said, in 1998, the network computer just didn’t work…there wasn’t enough bandwidth.

In many ways, and for most of our usage, that restriction is no longer the case.

Perhaps the iPad + iCloud is that vision come to light (or the Google Chromebook).

But what if you don’t want to use an iPad a Chromebook or have your data in iCloud or with Google? And what if you use multiple devices to access your information, and they aren’t all on the same platform?

Personally I’m over trying to keep up with all my data – local, on hard drives and in multiple cloud locations.

I thought Dropbox and related entitles might be the solution. But as with anything backward focused, they end up trying to replicate current experiences – i.e. Backup and Sync. Or like with Google Drive, iCloud and Microsoft One Drive, they buttress the backup/sync mistake by trying to lock you into their existing software and/or platforms.

I want a solution which I can be certain to be permanent (within reason). I want to be able to access all my data from any device. I want to be able to manage my data just as I would only desktop or laptop computer. And I want it not to be simply a backup or sync solution for my local content – in fact, If I want backups, I want to make them locally from the content in the cloud..

In short I want a personal hard drive which I can use from any platform anywhere. It’s beyond time for the Internet Computer.