“…one can understand the intense fear Apple appears to be demonstrating towards Samsung. It doesn’t want a repeat of the Galaxy S smartphone saga. It doesn’t want to sit quietly by and watch as its customers are seduced away while its products are blatantly copied in front of its eyes.”

From: A little context, for our big Apple crybaby

I need to see evidence of this “seducing away”. As far as I can tell the only customers the Android platform is “seducing away” are from Nokia and the global dumbphone market.

Though I’m happy to be proved wrong.

As for the rest of the article: Lawyers exaggerate a threat to get a result, the blinkered see that as core product strategy.

A bit like pointing to the marketing as evidence of product success.



The first thing to strike me about the graph below is that aside from the sharp decline in Q1 2009 (which we know the reasons for, right?), the dumbphone market has still been growing in the past 3 years.

The decline of the last two quarters is likely to continue despite the growth of “other” vendors at the low end and the rapid decline or practical exit of those brands which created the market in the first place.

The question asked at Asymco is a pertinent one for those brands – if they are being squeezed at the top by the Smartphone only vendors and at the bottom by the new entry level vendors, where is their future growth going to come from?


Motorola’s overall mobile phone market share declined 3 percentage points, from 12 percent in Q2 2010 to 9 percent in Q2 2011. The company’s share of the smartphone market also declined from 15 percent to 12 percent. Motorola’s year-over-year unit share of Android OS sales halved from 44 percent in Q2 of last year to 22 percent in Q2 of 2011, as Samsung and LG both experienced substantial gains.

via The NPD Group: As Android Solidifies Lead, Google Acquisition Has Potential to Revitalize Flagging Motorola.

The piece uses an Andy Rubin quote to claim Motorola has great opportunity in Prepaid Smartphone Market. As do Samsung and LG, I assume – both of whom have had huge YoY growth in the space.

Vodafone Ireland sees 26% increase in Data Use

VODAFONE..Ireland in the last quarter…more than one in every two bill pay device sales were smartphones.

…The company saw a 26% increase in data use in the quarter ended September 30, 2010.

via Vodafone unveils growth strategy | Irish Examiner.

Some correlation between postpaid sales of smartphones and that Data Increase, I imagine.

Don’t bother marketing ‘Smartphones’ to real people

Following the announcement of the iPad back in January,  I wrote an article on change and how I was flabbergasted by the ongoing resistance to it. In this extract from it I touched on my curiousness about the use of the term ‘Smartphone”;

Supposedly now, phones which do more than the standard feature set (i.e. make phone calls and send text messages) are given the glorious term “smartphone”. I don’t know about you, but that term implies dumb phones being improved rather than describing a multifacted, multi-functional device which just happens to do voice calls.

The idea that Mobile Devices, as they are becoming, must behave in a certain way is a tedious example of how tunnel visioned some of those who hold opinions on technology and idea-centric subjects have become. The World sometimes tells us many things must look and behave a certain way. Interesting recent technological examples include personal computers, ebook readers and hand dryers. I for one disagree. I’m after the scientist, engineer or designer to design and improve forms which fit much better with the world we live in.

Focused on our needs, not on that of the resistance.

It was interesting then to read an article on a response by school children to the term ‘Smartphone” by Kevin C. Tofel. Kevin is the Managing Editor at Continue reading