Last Minute Man


I’m off to London the day after tomorrow. Should be packing or at least preparing to pack, but here I am reading the web, looking at the news and watching the football. Or at least was. Australia struggled to beat Bahrain’s 2nd team 2-0 at home, here in Sydney. Pretty nasty stuff really.

So why am I the last minute man? I hate packing in advance, that is why I hate travelling early in the morning. I like to wrap the wash bag up well and have it in the middle of the suitcase/travel bag so that it is well cushioned when the nice baggage handlers chuck it around.

Mundane stuff, eh?

Maybe I will write something more emphatic and interesting in a future blog. It is after all late and I’m getting over the flu and have a ‘up all night’ baby right now.

To be interesting for the future!