he had a chemistry exam the next day which he was going to fail because he spent all night trying to buy a phone that was not for sale.

And I thought the Apple Users were the rabid fanboys?

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Windows 8 web browsing already ahead of Android

“the data clearly shows (Android) phones are not being used for much more than phone calls and text messages, which developers should bear in mind when they are deciding which platform to support.”

Statcounter claiming that Web browsing on Windows 8 has already outpaced all Android browsing.


From Groupon’s SEC Filing:

We want the time people spend with Groupon to be memorable. Life is too short to be a boring company. Whether it’s with a deal for something unusual, such as fire dancing classes…we seek to create experiences for our customers that make today different enough from yesterday to justify getting out of bed. While weighted toward the measurable, our decision-making process also considers what we feel in our gut to be great for our customers and merchants, even if it can’t be quantified over a short time horizon.

I’m not a fan of what Groupon are selling, but totally this.

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WordPress Blog cross-posting


It’s not often you can assume trust in relationships. It needs to be earned after all.

However, when I link to one of my other blog posts on this site, I don’t expect to be asked to approve the link. You’d think even if WordPress didn’t automatically trust incoming links from other blogs, it would at least trust links within my own domain.

There has to be a way to do this right?