Sitting by the pool, listening to the children play and the planes take off overhead. The sun is shining, it’s 27 degrees with moderate humidity and lovely north easterly breeze. In other words, perfect Sydney summer day.

And yet here I am on my iPhone, writing a blogpost, reading in Smartr the awesome articles being shared by the people I follow on Twitter.

It’s the last day of 2010, and even while on “leave”, my brain still gets no downtime.

It’s at this point you expect me to make a resolution to put the technology away in 2011. But I won’t. I don’t do resolutions.

As with all we do, I just need to find some balance.

As I strive for that in 2011, I wish you all the same.

Happy new Year.


Paid Content doesn’t Work on Android

Peter Vesterbacka, Maker of Angry Birds:

Apple will be the number one platform for a long time from a developer perspective, they have gotten so many things right. And they know what they are doing and they call the shots. Android is growing, but it’s also growing complexity at the same time. Device fragmentation not the issue, but rather the fragmentation of the ecosystem. So many different shops, so many different models. The carriers messing with the experience again. Open but not really open, a very Google centric ecosystem. And paid content just doesn’t work on Android.

Do you know the difference between what you want and what you need this Christmas?

Almost 25 years ago, something I loved very much was already giving me hints to the challenge of explaining the difference between “I need” and “I want” to my children. As I spent this morning struggling to make them understand, we serendipitously ended up listing to R.E.M.’s outstanding I Believe from the underrated Life’s Rich Pageant album: Continue reading

MediaMatters confirm Fox News bias on Climate

Services like Media Matters are obviously focused on the Media, and their discovery of an email from a Fox News boss ordering staff to cast doubt on climate science is a welcome confirmation of the assumed bias of that service.

Their are bastards everywhere, and while WikiLeaks is helpful, we must remember the other services which need to be held to account.

Good work Media Matters.