The Story eats itself…part four

You’ve heard about The Carnival, wondered at the morality of The One, cowered to the dominance of The Face. Finally in Part four of our tale…

The Story eats itself

The Face insisted Priest should share more stories about the one in the hope they could break the mumbletariat and the one forever. Soon the evil story master knew the people would return to their lives full of frothy drinks and ballsports but he needed them to forget all about the one and the other pamphleteers so he could continue adding to his supply of gold. Continue reading


The story that ate itself..part three

You’ve heard about The Carnival, wondered at the morality of The One. Now cower to the dominance of…

The Face

Time passed. How much is not said. In any case there appeared to have been a jamboree involving Storytellers and some of Rose’s minions (and those of the Monk’s). Somehow members of the mumbletariat where able to invigilate them. Perhaps they were secretly members of either group but it isn’t clearly said. In any case the one was in attendance and was somehow recognised by a storyteller known as Priest as the one who wrote the heinous pamphlet during the famous Carnival. Continue reading

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The story that ate itself…part two

You’ve heard about The Carnival, now wonder at the morality of…

The One

Soon, however, from among the latte sipping mumbletariat there rose one who deigned to challenge the storytellers. He at once found the means to write and share a pamphlet questioning those who shared the glitter which so dazzled the people.

The mumbletariat was stunned into action, gathering around the one and protecting him from certain danger as he shared his pamphlet. They made copies and travelled far and wide to press them into the hands of those who cared. Continue reading